Geranium Primary School to be formally closed

4 July 2023

Following an extensive review and community consultation, Geranium Primary School will be formally closed.

The decision follows a steady decline in student enrolments at the primary school over the past decade. In 2022, there were no students enrolled at the school which led to educational services being suspended at the site.

In November last year, the Minister established a Review Committee and tasked them with considering the educational, social, and economic needs of the local community, along with the present and future use of the school and its facilities.

After broader community consultation, the Review Committee submitted a recommendation to the Minister for the school to be officially closed.

“For more than 100 years, Geranium Primary School has played a significant role in the town’s sense of community,” Con Karvouniaris, Review Committee Presiding member.

“The Department will work closely with the local community over coming months to find a suitable way to acknowledge and celebrate the end of this chapter.”

The Minister for Education, Training and Skills Blair Boyer endorsed the committee’s recommendation last week.

Many students from the Geranium area now attend Lameroo Regional Community School, located 35km away, with bus services to help local students to and from school.

Lameroo Regional Community School continues to provide former Geranium Primary students with additional support as they transition to their new school.

Over the coming months the Department will work with the local community to sort through the practical details of closing the school, including the transfer of equipment and resources to local schools or community groups.

In addition, the department’s support team will ensure appropriate upkeep of the school grounds, including security of the site’s 4 buildings, playground and sports oval, while the future use of the site is determined in close collaboration with the local community.

While this process is underway, community access to the swimming pool and gym will be maintained.

The Geranium Primary School Review Committee were unanimous in their recommendation.

Committee members were:

  • Mr Con Karvouniaris, Presiding member
  • Mr Peter Allison, Assistant Director, Enrolment, Capacity and Transition Unit
  • Mr Nick McBride MP, Member for MacKillop
  • Mr Adrian Pederick MP, Member for Hammond
  • Mr Ron Valentine, Mayor, Southern Mallee District Council
  • Mr Jim Michalanney, Education Director, Murray Bridge 1
  • Mr Matthew Cherry, Vice President Australia Education Union (SA branch)
  • Ms Emma Oliver, Principal, Geranium Primary School
  • Ms Ashley Litchfield, Geranium Primary School Governing Council

This official statement was announced on the Department for Education website:

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