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Geranium Primary School

Geranium Primary School provides quality teaching and learning in a supportive environment that results in the best outcomes and care for all students. Our motto is ‘Learning for Life, Learning for All’. The school’s values are teamwork, respect, responsibility, persistence and honesty. Situated in a rural area, the R – 7 school services a small community whose families are mainly employed in agriculture.

The school and its facilities are the hub of the town. We enjoy outstanding parent and community support. The school is well- resourced with interactive whiteboards in each class and ready access to computers. Class numbers are low and programs are tailored to individual students’ needs. Curriculum priorities are literacy, numeracy, and learner wellbeing. German is taught as a second language.

There is a strong sporting culture in the community and participation is encouraged at all levels. The ‘Pedal Prix’ is an extra-curricular activity that is offered to Year 6 & 7 students. Interaction with students from neighbouring schools is encouraged to widen the children’s social networks.

Learning for life, learning for all.

As there are currently no students enrolled or attending the school, the services at Geranium Primary School have temporarily been suspended while the present and future requirements of primary education in Geranium can be determined.

The department will work closely with the local community to determine the long term educational requirements of the Geranium community. Schools are critical to the economic, social and service delivery in many country areas, and numerous factors need to be considered. Further information will be provided by the Department to the community in coming months, and if you have any follow up questions please contact the Education Director, Jim Michalanney.

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